Dear LCC Members:

The Handicap Committee has established the following guidelines to ensure that members of the Lebanon Country Club adhere to the handicap guidelines. The Handicap Committee's ultimate responsibility is to ensure members are following the USGA Handicap System and posting scores properly. Below is a link that addresses additional responsibilities of the Handicap Committee:

Posting your score can sometimes be confusing, so here are a few reminders, some of which may surprise you. 

All rounds played - whether Stroke or Match Play - should be posted on the same day! GHIN updates the handicap index at midnight each day.  

Many are not aware that the Rules of Golf provide a way to determine your "most likely score" on holes that are conceded or picked up.  Exceptions to this rule are formats in which you do not play your own ball from tee to green such as a scramble, shamble or similar format.

Nine-hole rounds and even incomplete rounds should be posted! If you do not finish some holes, USGA rules provide for you to enter your "most likely score" for that hole.  Should a player play only twelve holes he/she can record the 9-hole score. Should a player play 13 holes and then quit play, he/she must record a score based on their handicap for the remaining holes and then post an 18-hole score.

Know your Equitable Stroke Control number. There is a maximum allowable score for each hole that you are allowed to post in the handicap system. It does not affect your actual score the round, only the score you can post. Your maximum number of strokes per hole is determined by your handicap. Ask the pro shop staff or Tournament Committee member if you have any questions.

Rounds played at away courses should be posted too. ­­­­­

The easiest way to post is on your phone. You may also download the GHIN app on your phone. If you need assistance, someone in the Golf Shop will be able to assist you. All members are responsible for posting their own scores whether it is a casual round, competition round and/or an away round.

WHEN TO POST ROUNDS:  At LCC post all rounds from April 1 to November 15.  Out of town scores should be posted but where you are playing may have different dates for required posting.  And those lucky enough to be playing in Florida and other warm climates in the winter should be posting all year.  To make it easy, post everything and if you are not in a posting period, GHIN won't take the score.

Additional handicapping information can be found on GHIN

To access, click on “about GHIN”, then click on “Playing” and finally click on “Handicapping Home” – where you will find additional information. 

As always, if you have any questions, please reach out to a member of the Handicap Committee.