Welcome to our member section. If you are not identified as a member in our database, you will not be permitted access. If you experience difficulties, please contact us at (717) 273-0611 so we can properly identify you as a member in our database. All members who have registered email addresses with the club have access through this point. Member Number is no longer used for log in. Refer to your Introduction email for your initial password, then change it immediately to your unique password preference in the Profile section.

DEVICE RESPONSIVE: The new website (unlike the prior) is now fully responsive to your viewing device, and automatically adjusts content display on your computer, tablet, or phone (both iPhone and Android).

MEMBER DIRECTORY: Our club management software provider = EZLinks= has been discovering problems with their new software. One feature recently updated is a new Member Directory function in the left side menu, and EZLinks continues to work on resolution of other issues. We appreciate you bearing with us during the transition.


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