Not every event a Member wants to hold are large events. Sometimes it's just a retirement party for a few executives or birthday party for Grandmother. These don't require the Ballroom or the Outdoor Deck. These small events, or parties, might be just right for the Board of Governors Room or the Terrace Dining Room.

Other parties that might fit this category are bridal showers, baby showers, rehearsal dinners, executive off-site events, family birthdays, and many more ideas.

Perhaps your local charity, book club, or bridge club needs a location to hold a key meeting, a monthly get together, or your annual dinner. LCC has event space just right for your needs. Rotary Club, Church Board, or Sales Award meetings are other possible uses of smaller space.

Need a bigger space because your group continues to grow? Talk to us about the Ballroom or the Outdoor Deck instead. To find the space that's right for your group or event, contact Nate Defazio at

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