Happy Summer! Listed below are the updated pool rules for you and your family to review prior to
the opening of the LCC pool season. The staff and management of LCC thank you for your

continued cooperation, and wish you a fun and safe season.

• ALL persons must sign in daily; INCLUDING GUESTS
• Glass items are not permitted in the pool area; large or wheeled coolers are not permitted
• Please do not bring outside food, alcohol or other beverages to the pool; complimentary cups of
ice and water are available; please see the pool staff for food and beverage service
• Appropriate swim attire and cover-ups are required and are expected to be in good condition
and in good taste; cover-ups must be worn outside the pool area
• No outside furniture permitted, including umbrellas
• Put all trash in the provided containers
• Floating devices are not permitted in the main pool, except as permitted by the pool staff
• Please, for your safety, no running or rough play on the pool deck
• All children under age 12 must be accompanied by an adult
• Lifeguards are responsible for watching the main pool area; parents or caretakers are
responsible for children of all ages, at all times, regardless of which pool area they are using
• Lifeguards may require children to pass a swimming test to be allowed in the deep end of the
• During inclement weather you will be notified to clear the pool and the pool area at the
sound of the storm alert horn or at the direction of the pool staff
• No members or guests are permitted in the lifeguard chairs
• Please be considerate of others if using tobacco, e-cigarettes or vaping devices
• The starting blocks are for the supervised use by the swim team and may ONLY be used with the
permission of the head swim team coach.

Please listen to your lifeguards; they are here for your safety!